Pacific Northwest fare, meet your inland cousin. Boise's food scene is diverse and delicious with distinctly Idaho highlights. Often using ingredients sourced from local farms and ranches.

For endless variety in one stop, try downtown Boise. Nearly every style of food and attitude is on display—from swank lounge menus to casual pub fare to ethnic cuisines.

At night, the downtown core becomes a full-on playground. With an active local and regional music scene, several clubs and venues often feature live entertainment. Home to a distillery and several breweries, you can find a perfectly made cocktail or small-batch brews in spots across the city.

Chandlers Steak House

Chandlers Prime Steaks Fine Seafood ™

Chandlers Steakhouse in Downtown Boise Idaho is one of the perfect restaurants if you wish to have the finest dining in Boise Idaho. Our restaurant serves the best steak, seafood, wines and cocktail along with brings you live jazz entertainment. Just browse through our website to check out our delicious menu, live music schedules and visit us today!

Barbacoa Grill

Barbacoa is a multi-dimensional concept that is more than just a restaurant. Designed by Robert and Martine Castoro in conjunction with Thompson Interiors (2005 National Award Winner for Hotel and Restaurant Design), it's a museum, an art gallery, and a promise to all of your senses that they all in turn will be touched and stimulated.

Robert Castoro was born in New Jersey and grew up in a harbor town of Maine, farming and trapping lobster. He started his professional career in California importing art and has been a restaurateur for the past 20+ years. His last restaurant, Ti Amo Ristorante, an Italian/Mediterranean restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA he owned for 14 years. Ti Amo was one of the top restaurants in Orange County and favorite to the stars. Barbacoa is Robert's 7th “themed” restaurant.

Chef Enrique Martinez designed and inspired the flavors and dishes of Barbacoa. Enrique has been with Castoro as Executive Chef since shortly after opening Ti Amo in 1994. Also to his credit, Enrique hailed as the executive chef of “Towers” restaurant in the five star resort, The Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach, California.

Focus and Concept

BARBACOA = an open-fire grilling process and grandfather of American Barbecue

Barbacoa's culinary delights are a tribute to the rancher and cowboy of the Pacific Northwest.

Casanova Pizzaria 1204 Vista Ave.
Boise, ID 208-331-3535
Guang Zhou Chinese Restaurant 7609 W. Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-378-5888
Port of Subs Multiple Locations
Boise, ID (208) 333-8272
El Gringo 5506 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-337-2387
TJ's Burgers 610 N. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-378-7541
Thai Nalyn 2203 University Dr.
Boise, ID 208-344-5905
Patty's Burger Time 1273 S. Orchard St.
Boise, ID 208-424-5073
Highlands Hollow Brewhouse 2455 Harrison Hollow Lane
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 343-6820
Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant 305 N. 9th St.
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 384-0384
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Pojo's Carousel Cafe 7736 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-376-6981
Lucky 13 3662 Eckert Rd.
Boise, ID 208-344-6967
PF Changs 391 S. 8th St.
Boise, ID 208-342-8100
Taj Mahal 150 N. 8th St
Boise, ID 208-473-7200
Top Wok 12375 Chinden Blvd. #C
Boise, ID 208-327-8889
The Ram 709 E. Park Blvd.
boise, ID 83712
The Capri Restaurant 2520 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-342-1442
Chiang Mai Thai 4898 W. Emerald St.
Boise, ID 208-342-4051
Great Wall Restaurant 10398 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-376-3260
Twin Dragon 2200 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-344-2141
Asiago's Ristorante 1002 Main Street
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 336-5552
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Jade's Chopstick 6970 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-853-1302
Pie Hole 1016 Broadway Ave.
205 S. 8th St.
Boise, ID 208-424-2225
Rick's Cafe Americain at the Flicks 646 Fulton St.
Boise, ID 208-342-4288
La Vie En Rose Bakery and Bistro 928 West Main Street
Boise, Id 83702 (208) 331-4045
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Sockeye Brewery 3019 N. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 83704 (208) 658-1533
Willi B's Sandwich Saloon 225 W. 5th St.
Boise, ID 208-331-5666
Big Juds 1289 Protest Ave.
Boise, ID 208-343-4439
Outback Steakhouse 7189 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-323-4230
Q's Billiards & Eatery 6570 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
Garbanzo's Pizza 10499 W. Lake Hazel Rd.
Boise, ID 208-362-6600
Bajio Mexican Grill 1492 S. Entertainment Ave.
Boise, ID 208-377-3200
Table Rock Brew Pub & Grill 705 Fulton
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 342-0944
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El Cazador 5900 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-323-1801
Bonefish Grill 855 W. Broad St. Ste. 260
Boise, ID 208-433-1234
Coffee Garden Restaurant The Red Lion Hotel
1800 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-344-7691
Ha' Penny Bridge Pub & Grill 855 Broad St.
Boise, ID 208-343-5568
36th St Bistro 3769 Woody Ln.
Boise, ID 83703
Proto's Pizza 345 S. 8th St.
Boise, ID 208-331-1400
Sam's Place 3395 N. 5 Mile Rd.
Boise, ID 83713
Cracker Barrel Old County Store 1733 S. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-321-8280
Chopstick Gourmet Buffet 2275 W. Main St.
Boise, ID 208-345-8965
The Egg Factory 8061 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-322-0191
Northern Lights Cafe 650 E. Boise Ave.
Boise, ID 208-424-9111
Saigon Grill 8053 W. Emerald St.
Boise, ID 208-375-7655
Casa Mexico #3 (in Hyde Park) 1605-B N. 13th St
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 333-8330
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Old Spaghetti Factory 610 W. Idaho St.
Boise, ID 208-336-2900
Johnny Carino's Italian Kitchen 1700 S. Entertainment Ave.
Boise, ID 208-373-4968
Shy Simon's Pizza 6564 Federal Way
Boise, ID 208-433-1112
Ben Crow's Inn 6781 Warm Springs Ave.
Boise, ID 208-342-9669
Fresh Off the Hook 507 N. Milwaukee
Boise, ID 208-322-9224
McGrath's Fish House 1749 S. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-375-6300
Sun Ray Cafe 1602 N. 13th St.
Boise, ID 208-343-2887
Chili's Grill & Bar 916 Broadway Ave. Boise, ID 83706
7997 W. Franklin Rd. Boise ID 83709
Alibaba Arabic Restaurant 111 Broadway Ave.
Boise, ID 208-343-4536
Darla's Deli CW Moor Plaza Penthouse
250 S. 5th St.
Boise, ID 208-381-0034
Pacific Subs 509 W. Main St.
Boise, ID 208-343-7827
Eddie's Restaurant 7078 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-377-3340
The Office Bar & Grill 3125 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
The Refuge Pub & Grill 404 E. Parkcenter Blvd. #300
Boise, ID 83706
Tango's Subs & Empanedas 701 N. Orchard St.
Boise, ID 208-322-3090
Red Lobster 550 N. Milwaukee
Boise, ID 208-672-1188
Madhuban 6930 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-853-8215
Mogolian BBQ 1808 Broadway Ave
6920 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-387-0393
China Grand Buffet 10498 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-321-9888
Idaho Pizza Company Multiple Locations
Casa Mexico Multiple Locations
Boise, ID 208-333-8330
Sizzler Restaurant 459 N. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-322-2930
Quik-Wok Restaurant 4858 Overland Rd.
2775 Broadway Ave.
Boise, ID 208-432-2626
La Tapatia 401 E. Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-343-6403
Lindy's Steakhouse 12249 W. Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-375-1310
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 320 N. Milwaukee St.
Boise, ID 208-322-3327
BitterCreek Ale House 246 N. 8th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Joe's Crab Shack 2288 N. Garden St.
Boise, ID 208-336-9370
Cottonwood Grille 913 W. River
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 333-9800
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Blue Jeans Cafe 9140 W. State St.
Boise, ID
Guido's 235 N. 5th St.
12375 Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-345-9011
Chuck-A-Rama Buffet 7901 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-327-4800
Din Fun Buffet 925 S. Vista Ave.
Boise, ID 208-367-1688
Eddie's Diner 3095 N. Lakeharbor Ln.
Boise, ID 208-853-9800
Wicky Wicky Sushi 6555 W. Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-367-1314
Flying Pie Pizzaria 6508 Fairview Ave.
4320 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-345-0000
Wok-Inn Noodle 4912 W. Emerald St.
Boise, ID 208-343-7262
Shige Japanese Cuisine 100 N. 8th St. Ste. 215
Boise, ID 208-338-8423
Murphy's Seafood & Steakhouse 1555 Broadway Ave.
Boise, ID 208-344-3691
The Pocket 1487 N. Curtis Rd.
Boise, ID 83706
Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta 415 E. ParkCenter Blvd.
Ste. 117
Boise, ID 83706 (208) 429-0011
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Little Saigon 8716 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-376-9881
Pho 79 7310 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-853-8889
Five Guys Burgers & Fries 1587 N. Milwaukee St.
321 S. 8th St.
Boise, ID 208-658-4930
Denny's 2580 Airport Way
Boise, ID 208-344-9092
Crescent Bar & Grill 5500 W. Franklin Rd.
Boise, ID 83705
Sunshine Lagood Rodeway Inn
1115 N. Curtis Rd.
Boise, ID 208-376-2700
Diggs Pizza 4646 S. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-362-3177
Tres Bonne Cuisine 6555 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-658-1364
Tony's Pizza Treato 105 N. Capitol Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-343-1052
Characters Grill & Bar Red Lion Hotel - Boise Downtowner
1800 Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83702
#1 Mongo BBQ 8249 W. Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 208-321-1240
Panda Express Multiple Locations
Rooster's Eatery 930 S. Vista Ave.
Boise, ID 208-336-9300
Fiesta Guadalajara 3552 S. Findley Ave.
Boise, ID 208-424-8580
Mongolian Stir Fry 8037 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 208-376-3662
The Plank International Pub & Grill 650 Vista Avenue
Boise, ID 83705
Eli's Italian Deli 219 N. 10th St.
Boise, ID 208-473-7161
Siam Thai Restaurant 590 E. Boise Ave.
Boise, ID 208-383-9032
Blue Sky Bagel 407 W. Main St.
Boise, ID 208-388-4242
Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theatre 415 E. Parkcenter Blvd. #110
Boise, ID 208-385-0021
Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery 610 Grove St.
Boise, ID 208-426-0538
Westside Drive-In 1939 W. State St.
113 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-342-2957
Raedean's Restaurant 4969 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 83705 (208) 336-2201
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Stubs Sports Pub 3662 S. Findley Ave.
Boise, ID 83705
The Cheesecake Factory 330 N. Milwaukee
Boise, ID 208-377-4466
Bridge Cafe 123 N. 6th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Cricket's Bar & Grill 1228 Oakland Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Manderin Palace 5020 W. Franklin Rd.
Boise, ID 208-345-6682
The Chef's Hut 164 S. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 208-376-3125
O'Michaels Pub & Grill 2433 Bogus Basin Rd.
Boise, ID 83702
Fortune Wok 5161 Glendwood St.
Boise, ID 208-378-4645
El Gallo Giro 5285 Glenwood St.
Boise, ID 208-321-0355
The Falcon Tavern 780 West Bannock
Boise, Id 83702 (208) 947-3111
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EDO Japanese Restaurant Boise Towne Square Mall
Boise, ID 208-377-4652
Moon's Kitchen 712 W. Idaho St.
Boise, ID 208-385-0472
Jalapeno's Bar & Grill 8799 W. Franklin Rd.
Boise, ID 208-375-2077
Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant 283 N. Milwaukee
Boise, ID 208-672-8227
Red Robin 267 N. Milwaukee St.
211 E. Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 208-323-0023
Reef 105 S. 6th Street
Boise, ID 83702 (208) 287-9200
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Los Beto's 5220 W. Fairview Ave.
6906 W. State St.
Boise, ID 208-658-1185

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